April 14, 2019

Bellydance Classes


                                                 Embracing the pause!

Regular precise movement brings improvements in posture, stamina, flexibility and confidence. In Paulina’s classes you can be part of a community which in itself improves feelings of well-being. Physical movement is essential to health and happiness. Belly Dance does not feel like the grind of normal exercise.

Discover the magic of Bellydance in a supportive & community strong environment.

Thur nights 7:30 pm, Hamsa Studio, see classes tab above for more info

All levels welcome & challenged

January 05, 2019

Learn the ancient art of Bellydance!

BellyDance is Transformative,

Awakening and Empowering!


 All Levels Welcome    7:30P

Hamsa Studio   109 E El Roblar Dr. Ojai, Ca 93023


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Enjoy The Ancient Art of Belly Dance with Style & Grace!  Learn the fundamentals of Belly Dance & more in a fun & supportive environment.

Paulina, An International Academy Of Middle Eastern Dance Superstar will take you on a magical journey with each class you attend. Exploring new territories of movement, flexibility, muscle control, and JOY!

Build coordination and get smarter. Seriously! Dance works the right and left hemispheres of the brain together, it builds neuropathways that can increase memory and learning ability.


February 16, 2015

Cairo Caravan